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Welcome Back Cavaliers!!!  

I believe that being a coach is so much more than running a bunch of practices and organizing kids for games.  It is about connecting with your players as people first, and athletes second.  It’s about being passionate and living the game you teach; my players will play with passion and love.  It’s about showing empathy, making all players feel important, and giving them a role on the team.  It’s about integrity and consistency for kids during good times and bad.  It is about being a teacher, not only on the X’s and O’s of a sport, but about life, about optimism, about persistence, and about character.  No, coaching cannot simply be my job.  It is a vocation, a calling to a place that best suits my skills, my passion, and my ability.  I coach because I’m a servant of the Lord.  I worry about the well-being of and serving the needs of my athletes, my school, my community, and my family.

-  Coach Rod 

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